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Multi Function Vacuum Generator

·         Multi-function vacuum generator technology

·         Two stage vacuum generator

·         Lightweight and compact

·         Integrated vacuum inlet filter

·         Integrated silencer

·         Integrated solenoid valves

·         High efficient multi stage technology

Normally Closed vs Normally Open

Normally CLOSED means that the vacuum is OFF until power is applied to the vacuum on/off valve. Normally OPEN means that vacuum is always on until the control valve is powered.

Normally OPEN is often used in fail-safe environments so that the part remains attached to the vacuum cup(s) if there is a system power failure.


The ASM series of multi-function vacuum generators offer the user a true solution in vacuum pick and place

technology. Having integral control valves for both vacuum on/off and compressed air release, the ASM

series are ideal for high speed packaging lines, steel stamping, pharmaceutical and any other application

where “turnkey” vacuum generation is required.

These individual modules are able to be stacked together to share both a common air supply and also

exhaust port. This common exhaust port is particularly useful for clean room environments such as semi

conductor assembly and other sensitive manufacturing environments.

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